Introduction to Codashop
As a leading marketplace for digital content, Codashop offers publishers an easy alternative to sell in-game currency and top-ups. Through our seamless integration, our partners are able to effortlessly distribute games, bundles, virtual items, and in-game currencies across the 60+ countries where we operate. Partners can broaden their game's reach, boost revenue, and tap into Codashop's distinct user base for increased organic discoverability. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the entire process, including the APIs utilized by Codashop for the verification and validation of game account information. It also covers retrieving server lists and efficiently processing top-up or recharge requests for the top-up products available on the Codashop website. Let's dive into the details! Click here to start selling on Codashop!
Instant Gamer ID Validation
Offering a Wide Variety of SKU's
Multiple Payment Channels Available
Customer Loyalty Offerings