Codashop Error Codes

Error CodeError DescriptionMessage Shown to the User


The userId/zoneId is not valid.

Validation process was successfully completed, but the user account was not found.

We could not find User ID of: xxxx.


The item is not valid. SKU does not exist, or is no longer available.

The item you selected is no longer available.


User is not eligible to purchase item.

This user account is not eligible to purchase this item.


Unable to process the validation request. (Server is under maintenance, Signature is wrong…)

We were unable to process your order. Please try in a few minutes.


Requirement not satisfied.

Requirements not met. Please read the instructions.


Login required.

User account needs to login first before doing topup.


No role/character under this user account.

There is no role under this user account. Please create a role first.


Already purchased the item before.

You have already purchased the item before, please wait until it expires.


User not able to topup in this country.

Sorry, you can not top up this game account using this payment channel. Please visit Codashop for the country where your game account was created to top up this account.

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