PayType Concept

Codapay identifies what redirection flow to use based on a "PayType". Depending on the PayType value, Codapay will use the following flow options presented below:

Paytype=0 - Payment Channel Selection Page (PCSP)

In this use case, the partner doesn't need to display payment channels on their website. The user will be able to choose from a list of payment channels directly on the Coda payment channel selection page (PCSP). Once users make their selection, they will be redirected to the chosen payment channel's transaction flow.

Important note for "payType": 0

  • PCSP does not display Voucher (cash card) channel

  • To use PCSP, the partner needs to contact Coda's Technical Support Team to configure their account, else the transaction will fall into an error 233.

Paytype=<value> - Specific Payment Channel

In Codapay, the paytype in our request is used to identify the channel; for example, if the partner requests paytype=227 (as shown below), Coda will directly redirect the user to GoPay Indonesia (according to this example) to proceed with the charge.

In that case, the partner is responsible for displaying payment channels on their own checkout page and calling the proper Paytype identifier depending on the user's choice.

Paytype=1 - Carrier Billing Selection Page

Following the previous section, it can be more user-friendly to group multiple payment channels of the same type under one choice. In the example below, you can see that for mobile payment, if a partner uses the specific Paytype identifiers, they will need to display all the mobile operators on their checkout page.

The paytype=1 allows the partner to avoid the use case above and to group all mobile payments under one single choice. Please find an example of user flow below using the paytype=1 instead of the paytype=<value>.

By going through the paytype=1 flow, two use cases can happen:

  1. Users will need to input their mobile phone numbers so Coda's system can identify the mobile operator to be used to process the payment.

  2. In some regions, the system does not recognize the mobile operator by phone number. The process will be similar to the paytype=0 (PCSP) and users will need to choose which mobile operator they use.

Special Note

Thailand Bank Transfers and Cash at Retail

Thailand banks and offline payment channels (excluding 7-Eleven TH) share the same channel code "payType":331.

Philippines Cash at Retail Philippines (excluding 7-Eleven)

Offline payments in the Philippines are shared with one channel code "payType":251.

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