Desktop Web Browser Integration Example

Experience a seamless transaction on a desktop web browser with Codapay. This example demonstrates a typical customer's journey from item selection to payment confirmation:

1. Item Selection

The customer visits the partner's site and chooses a product or service.

They proceed to checkout and select Codapay as the payment method (in this case, using the Touch&Go e-wallet.)

2. Payment Page

The Codapay payment interface is displayed on the partner's site. The customer is prompted to continue and is redirected to the Touch&Go payment page in this example.

3. QR Code Scanning

On the Touch&Go payment page, the customer is presented with a QR code to scan within a time limit to authorize payment from their e-wallet.

4. Payment Confirmation

Once the payment is completed, Codapay sends a notification to the partner confirming the transaction's success. For security reasons, we strongly recommend using the Fulfillment (check status) API to verify the status of any transaction before releasing the item purchased and using the notification as a trigger to call the Fulfillment API.

The customer sees a "Payment Successful" message along with transaction details and is given the option to return to the partner site.

5. Order Fulfillment

With the payment confirmed, the partner is now ready to fulfill the customer's order.

A "Thank You" page or confirmation message is presented to the customer to conclude the transaction.

6. Success Confirmation on Partner Site

The customer is redirected back to the partner’s site, where a confirmation of a successful purchase is displayed.

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