Complete notification logs showing USD price

TotalPrice in the Coda callback displays local price by default. If a partner needs to display their InitRequest USD price in the callback parameter, please notify Coda's Technical Support Team so that it can be configured.

For comparison, consider the following example, with USD Price appended to the end of the callback parameter:

No callback added for USDPrice configuration:

Added USDPrice configuration callback:


Some regions use US dollars as a currency unit, so the callback parameter will not appear in USDPrice. Such as Cambodia.

Note for USD Transaction Initiation

  • If partners specify the payType in the Initiation request, then we will respond with the price in Local Currency.

  • If partners do not specify the payType, (or use payType 1 for generic DCB) then the response will not contain the price.

  • If partners use our payment page front-end integration, we will display the price in local currency to the user.

  • The API is fully backward compatible. To start using this feature, simply start sending a USD amount in the "price" parameter and the ISO Code "840" in the "currency" parameter.

  • USD amounts can be submitted with two decimal places, but local amounts may be rounded up to the nearest whole number. For IDN, JPN, MMR, VNM, and LAO, it will be rounded to the nearest whole number. For other countries, it will be rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places.

  • Channels with specified pricing requirements, such as Maxis in Malaysia, Telkomsel in Indonesia, etc.; we do not recommend using USD requests.

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