Integration Process

Please consult the integration process outlined below for fast turnaround.

Step 1: Review + Integrate

The integration process begins with the partner reviewing the detailed integration documents provided by Coda. Partners can choose from Redirection or Backend flows.

If you are using webview in mobile apps, please inform Coda's Technical Support Team. For a better user experience and a higher transaction success rate, we recommend using an external browser.

Step 2: Testing

We recommend testing in Coda's Sandbox Environment during integration.

After you are satisfied with the results in Coda's Sandbox Environment, please move on to request an active Coda account from Sandbox status to Production status.

Merchant account status When Coda's Partner Business Team creates an account, the partner account will default to "Testing" status. If you successfully complete the sandbox test, please inform Codapay Support Team to change your account status to β€œActive”.

Once the partner informs us that the test is done in the sandbox environment, Coda's Partner Business Team will submit the payment channel E-Annex approval, which the partner needs to approve.

After successfully activating E-Annex, you can contact Codapay Support Team to activate the production environment. Before doing so, please configure the redirect URL and callback URL for the production environment in the Publisher Portal.

If you need Coda's help with testing, please provide us with the following details:

Important note

  1. When using Coda's Sandbox Environment:

    • No actual charges will be made, and transactions will not be visible in the Publisher Portal.

    • Sandbox Redirect URL and Callback URL must be configured by Coda's Technical Support Team.

    • Some channels do not support sandbox testing.

    • Several channels require pre-approval from the channel provider before integration.

  2. When using Coda's Production Environment:

    • It's recommended that partners complete their testing in the sandbox environment before using real money for testing in the production environment since refunds are not available.

    • The purpose of testing in the production environment is to ensure that the callback delivery is successful. Therefore, it's sufficient to select one or two channels to test in each country.

    • For channels that can't be tested, partners should ensure that the channel is properly configured, and the payment page is displayed successfully.

    • If partners need assistance from Coda for real money testing, please notify Coda's Technical Support Team one business day in advance to allocate resources and manpower accordingly.

    • We highly value our partners and aim to offer exceptional support. Assistance with testing is available Monday through Friday during office hours. To ensure a smooth experience, we encourage partners to contact us in advance to schedule testing.

  3. Production transaction Testing Record

    • Transactions completed will be visible in the Transactions tab of the Publisher Portal and are eligible for settlement.

    • Bank transfer: transactions may incur additional service fees from the issuing bank.

    • Carrier Billing: only mobile numbers issued by operators in Coda's network can be used to complete charges.

    • Bank transfers and convenience store: mobile numbers from any operator may be used.

    • E-wallet: only mobile numbers registered with the wallet provider can be used to complete charges.

Step 3: Deploy to your Production Environment

After you are satisfied with the results of the tests completed using Coda's production service environment, you are almost ready to launch.

Before launch, please make sure you:

  • Contact the Coda Technical Support Team to confirm all integrated channels are ready to launch (Including channels that need pre-approval.)

  • Ensure that your front-end implementation adheres to Coda's Brand Guidelines.

  • Contact Coda and inform us of your launch date and time so we can monitor the launch.

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