How it Works

Transaction Processing Flow
When a customer wishes to make a purchase at Codashop, the platform initiates the process by confirming the validity of the user account with the respective partner through the Verify API Request. Once the partner confirms the details in the Verify API response, Codashop smoothly allows the customer to proceed, enabling them to select SKUs and preferred payment channels.
When a customer initiates a purchase by selecting a specific SKU and entering payment details on Codashop, the platform, in turn, sends a comprehensive package of user details, SKU ID, payment channel specifics, etc., to the partners through the Validation Request. Upon receiving the Validation Request response and confirmation from the partner, Codashop receives the green light to allow the customer to proceed to payment.
Once the payment is successfully completed, Codashop sends a Top-Up request to the partner's endpoint. This crucial step should seamlessly result in the purchased item being added to the customer’s account.
For a visual representation of this purchase flow on Codashop, refer to the sequence diagram below, which illustrates each step of the process.