Introduction to Codapay
Codapay allows partners to easily accept payments worldwide on their own websites through a simple and easy-to-use API. Built with over a decade of proven innovation and implementation, our user-friendly integration allows partners to process payments with best-in-class security and robust compliance practices. With seamless user experience, comprehensive data analytics, and global coverage, Codapay empowers businesses to expand their reach and optimize their payment processes.

Get ready to discover why Codapay is the absolute game-changer:

  • Global Reach: We offer 300+ payment methods, available in 65 countries, supporting 60 currencies, and speaking 80 languages.
  • Convenience: Enjoy a highly customizable and continuously fine-tuned user experience, paired with market-leading features such as tokenized charge and one-click payment.
  • Stay Compliant: We have an experienced team and robust systems in place to ensure we remain compliant with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations in each market where we operate.
  • Complete Package: Save on transaction costs and FX with Coda’s comprehensive end-to-end Payout solution.
  • Rock-solid Reliability: We've got your back with 99.95%+ uptime with 24/7 monitoring and rapid response.
  • Smart Insights: Gain exclusive access to our always-on analysis through the Publisher Portal.
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Payment using the Redirection Flow
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