Backend Flow


This section explains how partners can implement the Codapay back-end integration API.

Implementing this API entails a pure backend integration between the partner and Coda – customers will not be redirected to Coda's payment pages. This option is suitable for implementation in any environment, web or app, and allows partners to maintain their own branding throughout the whole payment flow.

Backend Flow will take more time to implement and maintain as compared to using Coda's payment pages.


Each game or platform that partners integrate will have one set of API keys. All Codapay API keys are available in the Publisher Portal (Integration, Security, and Codapay Partner settings pages.)

If a partner needs to open a new account in a different country, please notify our account managers so that an API Key for that country can be created, which can then be viewed in Integration - Security.

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🚧 Sandbox environment and production environment use the same API keys.

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