Flow Types


Depending on the partner flow, Coda provides two ways of integrating with our payment solution:

Redirection flow: The user is redirected to the Coda payment page. This can be set up to be a redirection to a payment channel selection page where the user will be able to choose his payment option directly on Coda's payment page. Or, if the partner prefers to handle the display and choice of payment channel directly on their website, then Coda can redirect users directly to a specific payment channel.

Backend flow: The user will not be redirected to the Coda payment page. In this use case, the user will select a payment channel directly on the partner's website, providing mandatory additional information depending on the chosen payment method (such as phone number or email). Coda will then furnish the partner with a dedicated process that circumvents the Coda payment page, which may include redirecting the user to a wallet URL or displaying a QR Code image.

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