Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer Call Flow

Customers may pay for their order by executing a bank transfer at an ATM, at a bank counter, or using online banking. Partners receive a unique payment code in the profile field, which the customer enters as part of the bank transfer details.

Item Info

Item represents a SKU

Code and Name should be unique and univocally represent the item. The name needs to be user-friendly, as it shows to end-users in the payment window.

Profile Info

Sample of request

There are a few requests below, for example:

i. With MSISDN - Indonesia (BCA ATM) ii. With EMail - Bank Transfer Turkey iii. With Pay_AT - Bank (Brazil - PIX)

    "api_key":"<your api key>",
    "order_id":"<your order id>",
    "merchant_name":"test in Coda",
    "msisdn":"<phone number>",
          "name":"test in Coda"}


Response Message

Other Details In Profile Field

Sample of response

    "txn_id": <transaction id>,
    "txn_timeout": 1509,
    "result_code": 0,
    "total_price": 100000.0,
    "pay_instructions": "To complete the purchase by following the provided instruction, Enter the payment code 1900800000828075. Leave the transaction reference blank. Enter the payment amount if needed, your total purchase amount is Rp. 100.000. For more detailed instruction on how to pay, please refer to the payment link.",
    "profile": {
        "extInfoByte": "0",
        "paymentCode": "1900800000828075",
        "name": "test in Coda",
        "redirect_url": "",
        "payment_code": "1900800000828075"

Reference of USD Transactions

Please check out this guide to learn more about USD transactions.

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