Getting Started

Step 1: Get your credentials

Before integrating, partner's merchant support engineer will need to generate a Partner ID, a Partner Secret, and an x-API-Key for the partner to be able to authenticate in each environment (staging and production). They can also get their unique APIKey from the Publisher Portal on the “API keys” page. By already using our other services (Codapay), partners will be able to use the same API key they use for Codapay.

To get these credentials for each environment, partners need to send the information below to their support engineer:

  1. The IP Address(es) the partner will be using to make API calls so that we can allow them.

  2. The URL partners will be using to receive the Charge notifications.

  3. Partners will also need to provide a redirect URL. This is the URL Payment channels will redirect their users to after the account linking is successful.

Step 2: Learn about authentication

Check out the authentication section to learn about how to use credentials to authenticate a request.

Step 3: Go through the Codapay Integration guides and make a test payment

Learn about the flow and how to initiate a transaction for any payment methods we have partnered with.


For any support or questions that are not addressed in this document, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Contact Us.

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